A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My favorite "One Game A Week" project so far!

Here's more about the process of making this game and others, one per week:


(The post about this game hasn't been written yet! But it will be uploaded today)

If you have any feedback, it'd be more than appreciated!

Note: The "H" thing transports you to the next level

15/1/2019 Edit:

Currently working on a roguelike strategy game, Netherguild!

Install instructions

How to Install:

1. Download the package (Windows or Mac)

2. Extract the package wherever you wish, using 7zip or winrar

3. Click on the game icon and play!


TankCryptWindows.zip 23 MB
TankCryptMac.rar 23 MB
TankCryptLinux.zip 27 MB

Development log

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