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What horrible monster stalks the night?...

Which abominable alien entity will kill your players in a Call of Cthulhu campaign...?

Which demonic creature hunts the patrolling watchmen in your fantasy story?

Made for Generator Jam 2021, this here tome is meant to inspire you to come up with your own strange Eldrich Abominations. Be it for Table Top Role-Playing games, or for any other creative endeavor!

To start generating, follow these instructions...

1. Download the .pdf

2. Roll the appropriate dice...

3. Note down your results...

4. Marvel at your unholy creation!

Sketching the nightmare you rolled for is optional (but encouraged!).

Also included is a blood chilling story to help inspire and terrify you while rolling...
Alright, the story is not amazing, but it adds some flavor... go easy on me, I'm not a writer! haha

+ If you liked this Eldritch Abomination Generator and need some inspiration for Magic Items, try out my Relic Generator!

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GenreRole Playing
TagsDark, Fantasy, Generator, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Monsters, Short


Eldritch Abomination Generator.pdf 2 MB


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This is a pretty cool tool to create monster for games, but also to entertain yourself doodling.

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Thanks for the kind comment, and... definitely!! :D

I'll admit to having used some tiny, self-made character generators to inspire myself to sketch in the past haha