"In order to defeat the evil necromancer-", said the dragon, "we're going to need 3 rare relics;-

From the east- The Spear of Kulug, the Hero, who has slain a dozen sorcerer-kings.

From the south; The Banner of Tipasa, the Conquerer- to unite the armies of men against the Necromancer's undead hordes.

And from a crypt in the far north, the bones of my dear old friend, Zulban the Kind- upon which is ascribed a spell to seal this blighted necromancer, once and for all."

This is a relic generator (/artifact generator), meant for igniting your imagination and helping you come up with relics that have some depth to them- whether you're a Game Master for your table-top RPG game, an author writing a book, a game developer or a casual worldbuilder. These can also be used for quests and generally to add depth to your world, the characters and the power-struggles within it.

Main relic ability / Story / Gameplay elements not included-  So it's up to you to "fill in the blanks" according to your world (: these are just guidelines meant to inspire.

-Science Fiction relics!
-Editable relic templates! (Download the desktop version and read the guide for more info!)

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this was only my second or third result, on the scifi setting, and i am so amused:

  •  "The  Pill  of Iriel the Hallucinator
    • Reason for significace / backstory:
      • Its powerful properties
    • Age:
      • From an age of great peril
    • Notable Property:
      • Covered in vantablack
      • Secretes a stimulating gel
      • Unusually warm to the touch
    • Current Owner:
      • Is missing
    • Where can you learn more about this artifact?
      • From those who had a hand in creating it
    • Consequences of gaining ownership of the relic:
      • Increased rate of errors when interacting with technology (intentionally and unintentionally)"

What a great artifact haha

  • Hallucinations? Check.
  • Stimulating effect? Check.
  • Glitching the hell out of technology and reality itself...?! Why of course!!

This is absolutely lovely - I can use some of these for a DnD campaign I'm running. Headdress of Nightmares. I have a few ideas


That's awesome! I'm really happy to hear that, hope your campaign goes well! (: