This is a free procedural world map generator, used for generating a pixel-art world and populating it with different areas / civilizations, one pixel at a time.

It's meant as a tool for quick worldbuilding map creation- be it for tabletop RPG games (such as D&D) and game masters, as inspiration for more detailed maps for artists, or just for fun.
As a visual template for worldbuilding, or as is.

I'm planning on improving this generator over time as well, so if you have any feedback, ideas or feature requests, just tell me!

A dark generated pixel world map with riversA 250x250 pixel perfect world map, generated using this generatorA bright post apocalyptic world map, for an island wasteland map

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An edited pixel world map

New: Can download maps via the web version! Just press the "Download Map!" button. If this feature doesn't work for you, please let me know!

For more information, you can download the EXTRA_INFO.txt file below-
Or, alternatively, if you want to generate maps and download them offline, or customize your color palettes, you may do so with the downloadable version of the generator down below.

Updated 6 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsCreative, dnd, Fantasy, Generator, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, tabletop, tabletop-rpg
Average sessionA few minutes


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Basic CivColorPackages (for reference & for Mac users) 1 kB

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Came here from r/worldbuilding. Awesome generator dude :) seed 2639 is perfect for my continent!

Would it be possible to be able to manually place the origin points of countries before generating, or would that be a royal pain?


Hey, I'm really happy you enjoyed the generator!! (:

I'm... honestly not sure exactly sure how to add that right now, but other people have asked for it so I might add it someday in the future- I won't add it just yet but I am planning to update the generator every now and then, so if you follow me on you might get notified if and when I do- alternatively, you can just check the generator again in a few month to a year lol

In the meantime, I think the closest thing to that would downloading a map with "Size Up 1" (Meaning 250x250 pixels) and editing it in paint or whichever program you wish (;


your generator is gorgeous! could you add a hierarchy of cities-> villages-> countries? and the possibility of increasing them in every civilization? thank you very much

Thank you so much for the kind comment!

What do you mean with "a hierarchy of cities -> villages > countries"? (:
I'd love to give users the ability to change the minimum and maximum places of note (gray) in the future, though- and for now you can also edit maps to suite you better after downloading them, with paint or my new personal favorite pixel art software, Piskel! (or any other pixel editing software for that matter!)


thanks! it means that the number of cities is greater than the villages which are greater than the countries.
my idea was to add as for the number of civilizations the possibility of adding points of different color and number:
a bigger point for cities (instead of black points now)
a middle point for the villages, of greater number
a smaller point for smaller countries.
and if you can connect them with a line. This would make your generator more pleasant: D

Hmm... interesting idea!! 

I think you mean "the number of villages is greater than cities which are greater than countries", right? (:

The next thing I wanted to add after finishing up the rivers is roads- but maybe after I do add roads I could try to add more cities and change their appearance too. Perhaps the size of the country or prevalence of a city would affect its size?

The idea with the current system is that black points are "capitals" or central hubs, while grey points can be villages or important spots- but I definitely don't mind expanding on that with future settings and additions, like you suggestion above (: I'll have to make sure it doesn't make the map look way too crowded though, haha

If you want to be notified when I update this project you can follow me on Itch, regularly check / back me on the Patreon, or alternatively I could just let you know with a reply to your comment if and when this feature is added (Though I'd love to try to add it as soon as I'm done with rivers, roads and routes!)

Cheers and thanks for the suggestion!!


I think it would be interesting to have an option where you could divide an area into small equal parts


Hmm... what do you mean? Like a grid overlay?


yeah, something like that, where the terrain has easily divisible parts in it, so that the map can be used for, say, a strategy game. Maybe not grids exactly, but yeah, something like that.


Great idea!!!
I might take a few weeks before I add it properly, but in the meantime you can use the downloadable version to download maps at 250x250 pixels and edit them in paint or your favorite graphics editor.


This is really interesting and satisfying to watch,thank you for making this!

Thank you for trying it out!! I'm planning on updating this map generator and making more awesome stuff, so follow me if you wanna see more (:


This looks really cool! I might use it in a game project I'm thinkin about, but even if I don't it's just fun to look at

Thank you so much, and please go ahead! Feel free to use it for any project you wish (but especially games). Credit is nice but it's not required! (:


Not sure if this is just an issue I have, but I can't seem to edit the seed. Every time I change the number and hit generate land, it just makes a new seed. Is there any way around this?


Yeah! Just type your seed, disable the "randomize land seed" option and hit "generate map"- it should generate your selected land seed right away (:

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Here from reddit, and you have no clue how useful this is right now. I was just looking for something like this last week and gave up. I am definitely going to be using this for all my worlds from now on! 100 out of 10 would use again.

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Thank you a lot for the comment and kind words, I'm really, really, (really!) glad to hear that! :D Hope you generate some awesome worlds!

Also, if you ever want to (and can) support my work on this generator or any future ones, you can do so here. Cheers!


Saw you post this on the r/worldbuilding subreddit, and I have to say that this does not disappoint! Can't wait to see how this project will grow, best of luck.  


I'm really glad you liked it! :D And I'll need that luck, haha.

If you wanna see this project grow, please follow me here (or on reddit)- I'll be posting more about it in the future! (:


Do you want to expand it further? By that i mean do you plan to add features like maybe a war system if a nation is surrounded and has nowhere else to go, that kind of thing.


I might expand it a bit further, but I don't want to add a war system;

After all, the fun of worldbuilding comes from the world-builder deciding which nation is in war, or not (:

Also, just because a nation is surrounded doesn't mean it's in war! For example, the Vatican in Italy.

If you dont mind me asking, if you had the time what would you expand? About the nations being surrounded.

i meant having nowhere else to expand, like a coastline nation has nowhere else to go and they 'trade' some land, in a slow conflict. 

Oh- my bad, I didn't mean I'd expand something about the nations being surrounded but just the generator and its features in general.


Downloaded it and it is great. I only have one niggling feature that is missing - Island capture. The small or even large grey islands seem too stark, maybe let them be colonised once a civ is done expanding on the mainland?


Oh yeah, I think someone else also requested this feature.

I definitely think this is something I can add in the next few weeks (:

Arr, let us colonize these islands together, matey!


I love the island colonisation feature. This is absolutely fantastic!

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Just wait- I'm planning to sprinkle in some new features by next Monday (hopefully) + a whole new relic generator!! :D

Also thanks, I'm really happy you liked it! Your comment made my day (:


I will try to be patient then. Not succeeding so far though. This is so much fun!


I added the speed & water spread difficulty settings to the world map generator- also, the relic generator is finally up- enjoy! (:


Really good! = D

Thank you!! 🙌