New characters, new overworld! Netherguild Devlog 4/1/2020

A new base of operations- new characters and encounters... this devlog details some of the things I've been working on for my turn based strategy, roguelike-inspired game!

New characters-

One by one, they descend deeper...

In Netherguild, most aspects of a character are determined by their class and background- for example, a ranger could be a hunter ranger, and a knight could be a former mercenary, or noble!

So now, characters from different backgrounds now look different!

For example, these are the Royal Guard Knight, the Special Unit Assassin, the Bodyguard Scout and the Hunter Ranger.

Adding different visuals based on a classes background will help differentiate between characters, seeing how a character's background affects their personality, their prior knowledge and in the future, their skill tree abilities as well-

New Overworld-

The place where players buy new supplies, hire new characters and take on quests is the overworld! I've overhauled it and now it looks like this:

It used to look like this before;

Which is fine! But, it's a bit two dimensional, while Netherguild's camera uses an isometric point of view.

It's still a bit WIP and I might change it, but I'm way happier with it now!

New Content-

This update introduces new and rare challenges for the players!

Will you encounter these rarities... or will you perish first?

If this update sounds fun to you, please try it out here!

Also, if you're interested please join the Netherguild discord community! All feedback is good feedback, and new ideas are always appreciated (:

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