Steam Demo Release

I'm so excited to finally be releasing Netherguild's demo on Steam!

The Demo

First off all, don't worry - the demo stays!
I'm not entirely sure if I'll release Netherguild on too (that is, during early access), but at least until early access I plan to keep the demo - if not after it too.

Steam Demo

If you played the demo recently, the Steam demo is basically the same - but if you haven't played the demo in the last few months, you should definitely try out the new version! New UI and player experience improvements with the game make it much more fun to play, with a redesigned in-dungeon inventory, new character hiring screen and a lot more.

Also, be sure to wishlist Netherguild on Steam if you haven't and you plan on buying it!
Wishlists help a ton and send you a notification on the release date.

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Mar 06, 2022

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