Netherguild releases in Early Access on Steam!

๐Ÿ“ฐ Please remember to post a review if you enjoyed the game!

๐Ÿ’– Thank you to everyone on and elsewhere who helped me improve Netherguild over these last 4-5 years.

What's Netherguild?

Netherguild is a dungeon-crawling turn-based roguelite game I've been solo-developing for the last few years.

If you're here because you liked my tabletop RPG projects, you'd be pleased to know Netherguild takes some inspiration from tabletop - and even plays similarly to OSR in regards to resource management.

What's in the Early Access version?

(as of release day, March 2023)

Three different floors - the Bluestone Mines (also in the free demo), the Bandit Stronghold and The City of Mist - each with their own oddities, enemies. The Bandit Stronghold also contains a bossfight, and the City of Mist also has it's own set of equipment and an environmental hazard.

There's also lots more to come!

Can I buy Netherguild outside of Steam?

During Early Access, no - that's because I want to organize Netherguild's community and purchases in one place, since the more people buy Netherguild through Steam, the more Steam promotes it. Also, uploading frequent hotfixes and updates during development on multiple storefronts would take away development time when the game needs it most.

During full release I'd love for Netherguild to be on every platform possible! That includes and GOG.

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