Netherguild Visual Change: Ambient Occlusion + Depth of Field

Hey Netherguild fans ! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Since the last few months, Netherguild has changed and evolved quite a lot-

The biggest recent change is adding Ambient Occlusion! (and Depth of Field in some places).

How does it look? I'm curious to hear your opinion!

You can also playtest the latest version on or Steam to see these changes for yourself - If you don't like the visual change, you can disable it in the options. It's also automatically disabled on the lowest graphical settings.

I figured that if a game I played had a significant visual change like this, I'd probably like to know - hence the reason for this update.

Here's what these new effects do:

Ambient Occlusion makes edges a bit darker but nicer to look at - I have it set up in most places in the game. Depth of field makes objects in the distance blurry, it appears in the main menu, overworld and opening cutscene - but not in-dungeon.

Here's some more changes that have been added in the last few months!

An organized inventory screen as well as re-balanced loot and equipment which is more powerful and interesting (found in chests and in the armory).
Re-balanced loot also comes with some fun new game mechanics, like dealing extra damage to enemies who already suffer from bleed.

That's all for this update, I'm definitely curious to hear your thoughts and I hope it made for a fun read. Thanks for checking it out!! (:

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May 17, 2022

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